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If you are anything like me, finding the right gift for someone can be like trying to herd 16 cats on cat nip into a swimming pool.

One type of gift that always seems to do the trick is the gift of laughter. 

If you know the person is an avid animal lover, then you could hit two birds with one stone, no pun intended. I promise no birds were hurt in the writing of this post.

People who love animals often are very passionate about the animals they love and they love to share that passion with the world. What better way to share a love for animals with the people around you than with funny animal apparel?  

1. Funny gift idea for Dog lovers

Dog lovers come in two flavors, people who love dogs quietly, and people who are absolute fanatics about their pups and specific breed. While we have some dog shirts, we have a sister site that focuses specifically on dogs only. 

Funny gift idea for a woman dog lover who owns a RottweilerFunny Gift Idea for a Dog lover who owns a Great Dane

You can find both of these over at our sister site FunnyDogShirts.Com


2. Funny gift idea for Cat lovers

We have a couple of funny cat shirt designs, however we have quite a few for big cat lovers. 

Funny gift idea for an animal lover who has a baby funny tiger onesie for babiesFunny gift idea for an animal lover funny tiger tank top for women

You can find these both in our big cat collection

3. Funny gift idea for Bearded Dragon lovers

Did you know Bearded Dragon Lady is a thing? well, it is. Beardie owners can be super passionate about these awesome mini dinosaurs, here are a few funny Bearded Dragon designs we have available. 

Funny Bearded Dragon Shirt for KidsFunny Bearded Dragon Tank Top for Women

You can find these in our Bearded Dragon Collection

4. Funny gift idea for farm animal lovers 

If you know a crazy chicken lady or a goat lover then here are a couple of idea that may make them laugh! 

Funny gift Idea for animal lover who loves chickens funny chicken lady shirt for womenFunny gift idea for animal lover who loves sheep funny sheep tank top for women

You can find these in our Chickens Collection and our Farm Animals Collection

5. Funny gift idea for Fox lovers 

 Foxes are one of those animals that people can be entirely obsessed with, just ask my wife. She has a fox everything you can imagine! 

Funny gift idea for animal lover who loves foxes funny fox shirt for women

Find this in our I Love Foxes Collection 

6. Funny gift idea for Raccoon lovers 

Raccoons for many are considered to be a nuisance, while there is an entire subset of the human population that absolutely adores these animals, I must admit there are some super cute Raccoons plastered all over our Instagram profile. 

Funny gift idea for animal lover who has a baby funny raccoon onesie for babiesfunny gift idea for animal lovers trash panda funny raccoon shirt for men

Find this in our North American Animal Collection along with some other funny guys like skunks and opossums. 

7. Funny gift idea for people who laughed at the Tiger King documentary

The Tiger King documentary captured the attention of so many people, I personally found Joe Exotic to be a hilarious character, while I do not condone his treatment of Tigers and other amazing wild life it definitely gave the world some laughs during a time when the world needed it the most. 

Here are some of our most popular designs relating to Carole Baskin and Tiger King. 

Funny gift for animal lovers funny Carole Baskin Shirt for menFunny gift idea for animal lovers funny Carole Baskin Shirt Askin for a Baskin for Women

You can find these gift ideas in our Tiger King Collection 



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